Why Choose Bark to Basics

Every dog and owner has their own unique relationship, complete with unique problems and goals. We pride ourselves on providing practical, convenient and effective solutions to help you and your dog live together more happily.

There is no one size fits all training here! After listening to your needs (and wants) we develop a customized training plan to help you achieve your goals while coaching you in how to communicate with your dog in your own home, where your dog learns best.

We specialize in correcting problem behaviors that damage the bond you and your dog share and helping your pup overcome fears which can lead to serious behavior issues.

We have been changing the lives of dogs and their families since 2007! There is nothing more satisfying than helping a dog (and their owner) realize their full potential in having a long-lasting, happy and healthy relationship. Or to see a fearful dog become the confident dog he deserves to be.