Tracy F. with Blue

We have a 12-month old Labrador puppy who does NOT have the typical Lab’s eagerness to please. He developed two very nasty habits of play biting/nipping (hard!) and biting and tugging at the leash. We did not want to use punishment, aversion training or pinch collars, but we were at the point of considering them. Then in only two hour-long training sessions Melissa turned the whole situation completely around. She patiently trained us to use two easy, kind, effective techniques and since her first visit all of the problems are gone! We love walking our dog and being around him now. Other trainers I consulted (who charge WAY more) estimated it would take 6-8 90 minute private sessions–well over $1800. Melissa’s techniques were so successful after the first visit, we just had her come for a second visit to train some fun tricks. She is very professional, punctual and extremely reasonably priced. If you have a dog with problem behaviors, a group class isn’t customized enough to help. Melissa writes out her plan for you to train your individual dog, and IT WORKS!!!! My only regret is that she is so good at her job we only got to see her twice!