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Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holidays can be a celebration for people and pets alike but sometimes present unrealized risks. Check out a few holiday safety tips to keep your four-legged friends safe through all the presents and cheer!

  • Be selective when sharing holiday treats. Choose fresh vegetables and lean cuts of meat (hold the rich gravy and spices). 
  • Put potentially dangerous gifts safely out of Fido’s reach. Chocolate and (Macadamia) nuts are abundant this time of year and toxic to pets. Always ask friends and family which gifts may contain harmful foods before putting them under the tree. 
  • Holly, misletoe, ivy, poinsettia and many varieties of lilies are highly toxic to pets. Either trade them for pet friendly options or make sure they are safely out of reach. 
  • Be mindful of ornament placement if you have a nosy pet. Keep glass and hooks out of your pets reach and replace tinsel and garland (which can be harmful if eaten) with bows and ribbon. 
  • Secure your tree to prevent it from being knocked over and hide cords to avoid chewing. 
  • Take your pet for a long walk or play session before leaving for holiday gatherings or having guests over. If you are having a large party be sure to provide your pet a safe, quiet room to go to if they are feeling overwhelmed. Even the most social of animals sometimes need a break. 
  • Be sure your pet has ID tags securely placed on his collar and be mindful that doors and gates are closed behind your guests. 
  • Supervise your pet if he is partaking in the unwrapping of gifts Christmas morning. Ribbons, plastic, batteries and parts of toys are all dangerous if ingested. 

Wishing you and your furry family members safe and happy holiday season!