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Tips to Make Halloween Less Spooky for Your Dog

While ghosts and goblins may be your thing many dogs find all the ghoulish decor and costumes of Halloween a bit frightening! I can only imagine what they must be thinking… For a month of the year the whole world looks different and there are sketchy characters lurking everywhere! It’s their job to let you know when something is not right and most of them believe body parts dangling from trees firmly falls into the “wrong” category. Try these tips to help your dog cope with this spooky day:

– While walking your dog around the neighborhood encourage them to investigate new decor by letting them give a sniff. Treats work wonders to get reward them for getting close to something they think they should avoid! After the initial exploration many dogs calm down. If you pup is still worked up spend a few minutes near the “scary” items (but still far enough away that they feel comfortable) while feeding their favorite treats to create a positive association.

– If you dog will be exposed to people in costumes start by acclimating them to your family in theirs. Keep interactions with you in costume positive by giving treats, attention and playtime while donning your masks.

– Refresh your dog on the leave it command (show a treat, say leave it and reward when your dog doesn’t touch the item and backs away). This will come in handy if your pup outside during trick or treating (think candy on the sidewalk).

– For dogs who will be sporting costumes of their own acclimate them at home first. Remember to keep the experience positive with lots of treats!

– When selecting costumes for your dog  look for those that do not cover her face or eyes. If your dog is less than thrilled about being dressed up let him go as himself this year!

– If you dog will be greeting trick or treaters keep a baby gate across the front door to keep your dog and those at the door safe! Reward good door greeting behavior such as sitting calmly. If ghouls and goblins make your pup nervous, keep them in another room during fright night, and be sure to practice spending time in the space (with a bone or chew to occupy them) before the time comes.

– Last but not least, make sure candy is well out of reach. Chocolate and certain kinds of sweeteners are toxic to your pooch!

Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween!

Dharma the Hot Dog
Tabasco the Dinosaur

While you may look forward to the costumes and candy Halloween brings the holiday can be scary for your furry friend. Keep them safe with these tips:

  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with current ID tag and is microchipped.
  • If your pet isn’t as excited as you are about that pirate costume you bought him try a festive collar instead.
  • If your dog hasn’t perfected the art of waiting at the door when you open it or gets spooked easily keep them in a room away from the door with a special chew or treat to keep them busy. This will ensure they don’t slip out in all the commotion on the hunt for some candy of their own.
  • Chocolate and sweeteners can be harmful to your pets so be sure to keep it out of reach along with candles and lit pumpkins.
  • Take this training opportunity to socialize puppies or fearful adult dogs with the various costumes and decorations you’re bound to run in to on your evening walks. Be patient and pair the scary ghost in your neighbor’s yard with your pooch’s favorite snack.

Trick or Treat!