Pricing and Packages

In-home Training

*Initial Consultation – $180
Initial consults give us the opportunity to meet in your home and discuss your training goals and any issues your dog is experiencing. We begin with gathering background information to better understand where you have been, what you have tried and what has been successful (or not) in the past. We will create a training plan to get you on your way to a happier dog who is more enjoyable to live with! All training is customized to help you reach your goals and to teach you to work with your dog effectively. Initial consults are approximately 90 minutes long.

Single Sessions – $145
Available after the initial consultation, single sessions give us the opportunity to work more on solving problem behaviors, calming your rambunctious pup or teaching basic obedience. During each session we not only work directly with your dog but also spend time coaching you, so you gain confidence, learn how to communicate effectively with your dog and achieve your goals. You will receive written instructions (and homework) at the end of each session to help you stay on track.

Additional Dog(s) – add $75 per session – each session is approximately 90 minutes when working with an additional dog.

Training Packages 

*The initial consult is included in all packages as the first of your chosen number of sessions

4 Pack – $550
Like all our training our 4 pack is customized to your goals – tell us what matters most to you! It is great for working with your reactive or aggressive dog (depending on severity) or covering about half of the obedience basics that we go over with a package of 6 lessons. Our packages include email and phone support.

6 Pack – $780
Our 6 pack addresses aggression or long-standing behavior problems. It is also a great option for new puppies or adopted dogs as a full course of basics covering name response, come, sit, down, stay, walk on leash, off and place as well as important topics like socialization, creating a schedule for your new dog, handling, play biting, chewing and potty training. Creating a solid foundation for your puppy when he is young will go a long way to avoid common behavior concerns down the road and is one of the most important investments you can make in your pup!

8 Pack – $1,000
Covers all the obedience cues in the 6 pack while allowing additional time to focus on training around high distraction levels, extra socialization and handling, advanced training, problem solving or behavior issues.

Virtual Sessions – $125
Phone sessions are available for issues such as potty training, separation anxiety or getting a new puppy or adopted dog off to a great start. Sessions are up to 60 minutes long.

Separation Anxiety Consultation – $180
Separation anxiety cases are very successfully addressed using virtual training since the focus is on developing a plan to teach your dog to become comfortable being alone. The separation anxiety consultation is how we start working with any of our clients who have (or believe they may have) a dog suffering from separation anxiety. The 90-minute consultation includes an assessment of your dog when left alone, and allows us time to discuss your dog’s history, your goals and what we feel the best course of action is to meet your dog’s needs. You can then choose to continue with a separation anxiety intensive training package.

4 Week Separation Anxiety Intensive Training Package – $830
The separation anxiety intensive training package includes 4, 60-minute weekly virtual sessions, and customized homework and support five days/week for the duration of our training. Not all cases require this level of training, please talk to your trainer so we can assess your dog’s needs.

*Initial consults are approximately 90 minutes long. All other sessions are 60 minutes long, unless we are working with an additional dog.

Credit cards, checks, Venmo and cash are accepted. Packages are paid in full at the first session.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

48-hour notice is required for cancellations to reschedule the appointment. There are no refunds on packages as your commitment to working consistently with your dog is key to reaching your training goals (and the larger the package the better the pricing)!