Frequently Asked Questions

Training sessions are an hour each and typically once per week. Once a week is usually frequent enough to provide consistency for your dog while allowing you time to practice on your homework from the night before. In some cases we may do them more or less frequently depending on the issue and your progress.

Private training is done in your home where most problem behaviors occur and this is the best place to address these issues. Dogs with no training often have a hard time focusing in a group class environment. With in home training we will incorporate training around distractions when your dog is ready. You also get the one on one attention of your trainer and customized training that works for you and your dog.
Bark to Basics uses positive reinforcement based methods and use treats, toys, play, attention, praise and other rewards to teach your dog in a way that is both fun and effective.
No, treats are used to reward correct behavior, not to bribe your dog to do what you're asking. During your training sessions you will be taught how and when to fade the treats.
Yes, I train dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. The best time to get started with training is when you bring your puppy or new dog home to ensure you get off to the best start possible rather than waiting until problem behaviors occur. Because the methods are positive and not based on force or punishment your puppy can get started with training as early as 8 weeks old. However, we can also train a recently adopted dog or one you've had a while.