Andrea Ramos

I was born and raised in Orange County and have been working with animals since 2006. I started volunteering at the local animal shelter at age 15 and later became part of the shelter staff. I learned the basics of animal body language and behavior and how to work with more difficult animals. I continued to work in several animal shelters over the years in Orange County and Northern California. I graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Management.

After college, I fostered a shy, undersocialized dog who became my foster fail named Butters. When I first got Butters he was too scared to even leave the driveway to go on a walk. Now he loves his daily long walks, car rides, and exploring new places. While working at the
San Francisco animal shelter, I fostered another small, fearful dog and realized I still had a lot to learn about dog training and behavior. I decided to pursue further education in dog training and got certified in Training and Behavior Consultation by the Dog Trainer Internship Academy (DTIA). Based off of the Academy of Dog Trainers, DTIA taught me the foundation of force-free, science-based, and positive-reinforcement dog training.

I started dog training with my increased knowledge and education and enjoy helping clients work through behavioral issues and/or basic training with their dogs. I feel comfortable working with all types of dogs and especially enjoy working with newly adopted dogs. I continue to work in an animal shelter and understand the transition from shelter to home and the significance of building the human-animal bond in a positive way.

I am a member of the Pet Professional Guild and enjoy learning more through attending conferences, webinars, and reading dog behavior books. In my free time, I enjoy taking Butters to the dog beach, doing yoga, and cooking new recipes.