Month: October 2017

The Importance of Socialization

The Importance of Socialization 

Socialization is imperative to having a happy, well behaved and well-adjusted adult dog.Without proper socialization young pups can grow up to be dogs with fear and territorial aggression and anxiety.

The key window for socialization is between 4-14 weeks of age. If your puppy’s shot schedule allows I highly recommend socialization outings starting at 12 weeks. Talk to your vet to determine what is safe at each stage.

If your puppy is older than 14 weeks and has not been properly socialized it is still extremely important to start the process ASAP. Socialize your puppy now to help him become the best dog he can be!

Puppy Developmental Stages 

  • From four to twelve weeks, your puppy’s interaction with people becomes more important. They learn to play with littermates, develop social skills and bite inhibition and begin to understand social boundaries and hierarchy.
  • At eight to ten weeks, your puppy can experience real fear involving everyday objects and experiences. Positive reinforcement with new experiences is important during this stage.
  • At nine to twelve weeks your puppy’s social skills with others advance, and he will begin to investigate his surroundings more. This is a great time to start training.