Month: April 2017

Do you hear the Jaws theme song when you see your puppy? Learn how to stop play biting!

Stopping Puppy Play Biting 

Puppies use their mouths as a way to explore their environments. Puppy biting typically occurs out of boredom and curiosity, as well as wanting to play.

  • When your puppy bites say ouch in a high pitched voice and redirect them to a toy or chew
  • Use bitter apple on hands, shoes etc to deter your puppy from biting
  • If you are playing with your puppy and they bite you and you are unable to redirect them to a toy or chew end the game and walk away
  • If your puppy continues to bite put him in time out (a leash tied to a heavy piece of furniture or in a small room away from the family)
  • Make sure to provide your puppy with appropriate chews such as antlers and bully sticks
  • Teach your puppy leave it so you are able to communicate when they have an inappropriate object in their mouth
  • Use long toys to play with your puppy rather than your hands. Your puppy’s teeth should not be on human skin or clothing as part of a game!

Note – Puppy play biting is normal, but aggression is not! If your puppy is aggressive over food or toys, handling or when restrained contact Melissa!