Month: December 2016

Eliminating Jumping Up

Many dogs jump up when excited or greeting people.  Follow these tips to teach your pup to keep her paws on the floor now; this can be a difficult behavior to break later!

  • Use the word “off” when your dog jumps up on things she isn’t supposed to (humans, furniture etc.)
  • Say “off” and turn your back if your dog jumps on you. Completely ignore him until all four feet are on the floor
  • If your dog has a jumping habit ask him to sit before he tries to jump and reward this good behavior with attention or treats
  • Do not allow anyone to pet your dog if she is jumping. Wait until she sits calmly and then allow new people to greet her.
  • Use a leash if needed to restrain your dog around guests. You can stand on the leash so he is unable to get his feet off the ground to jump.
  • Spraying with a water bottle or shaking a penny can be used if needed to correct jumping. Be sure to say “off” before the correction