Covid-19 Update

In addition to private training in your home following the World Health Organization's guidelines, Bark to Basics is also offering virtual training to allow you to work with your dog from the safety of your home! Virtual training is affordable, effective and a great way to continue making progress with your dog.

Dog training for a better best friend

Every dog and owner has their own unique relationship, complete with unique problems and goals. I pride myself on providing practical and effective solutions to help you and your dog live together more happily.

My training method is convenient and professional. There is no one size fits all training here! After listening to your needs (and wants) I develop a customized training plan to help you achieve your goals while coaching you in how to communicate with your dog in your own home (serving Orange County).

Training Services

Private Training

In-home training (in Orange County) is customized and addresses problem behaviors where they occur. Learn how to communicate effectively with your dog.

Basic Training

Tired of your dog not listening? Recently bring home a new puppy or adopted dog? Need help potty training? Help them put their best paw forward with basic training.

Behavior Issues

Experiencing reactivity, anxiety or aggression issues? With 13 years experience correcting behavior issues and specializing in fearful and rescue dogs, I can help.

Pet Care Services

The right amount of exercise is crucial in order to have a well behaved dog. A tired dog is usually a good (and happy) one.

Bark to Basics offers a variety of pet care services ranging from pet sitting visits, overnight stays in your home and dog walking services from Newport Beach to San Clemente!

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